How to Develop a Growth Mindset

To have a growth mindset is to believe that our abilities can be developed through persistence and hard work; and that personal qualities like intellect and natural talent are just the starting point. Having such a view helps you build resilience and you will love learning, and contributing to accomplishment and success. However, having a growth mindset is not sufficient; a growth mindset must be put into action.

A growth mindset in action means that we allow ourselves to fail, make mistakes, and persist in those areas that we have not yet mastered despite our fears. The growth that is experienced by people with a growth mindset does not happen within the comfort zone, that is, the space in which we explore only the things we know, or we feel we know, and can control. To learn and grow from a situation, one must get beyond the comfort zone into what can be called the fear zone.

The fear zone is, by definition, scary and uncomfortable. This is the zone that prevents most people from ever leaving their comfort zone. However, those with a growth mindset are more able to endure the fear zone for the sake of growth and learning. These people can experience the benefits of confidence and venturing beyond their comfort zone, which makes it easier to do it again. You must come to terms with and understand the costs of staying in your comfort zone and the necessity to leave this zone to experience growth. I simply explain it as you must "Do the uncomfortable work", to truly gain a growth mindset and to have successful growth.

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